14 Years Later…

It was like any other December day on December 21, 1999. I kissed my son Christopher, told him I loved him and drove off to work.

Little did I know that on the way home the accident I was turned away from on Ross Road was one that he had been involved in and that the ambulance that past me on Highway 78 was rushing him to the hospital.

When I got home we were notified that Christopher was at Dekalb Medical and we were told he was being rushed into surgery. We made our way to the hospital and waited in the ER area to find out what was going on with him.

It is times like these in your life that defines us.  It is easy to deal with the good times in your life but the true definer of who you really are is when you are in those BAD times and it is during those BAD times that you learn what you are really made.  You have a choice of letting them break you or make you!

If you are facing some BAD times this time of year just know that others have gone through them as well and make sure that they make you and not break you.

Please leave me your comments and come back tomorrow for more about this BAD time in my life.

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