14 Years Later Dec 22nd

It is hard for me to write this today but I have found it best to just get it out of my system.  After two surgeries from all the injuries that Christopher had from the auto accident he transitioned from us at 16:30 on December 22, 1999.

This time each year is still very painful for me and the feelings come back as if I am still standing there in the room with him when I saw him alive for that last time.

Life is precious and we should always celebrate it and take the chance anytime to tell our loved ones that we “Love Them” because we never know when will be the last time we will be able to say that to them.

Lots of other people have transitioned since Christopher left us that Day.  I have lost my Dad, Mom and several other family members as well as one of my best friends.

I could go on and on about Christopher but what I want to close this post with is that I Miss Him and always will.



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